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Golden raisins Distribution centers in 2021

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Different types of golden raisinsDistributing golden raisins in bulk amount

Our collection has been selected as one of the distribution centers of golden raisins in 2021 because the golden raisins that our collection launches contain large amounts of calcium and potassium, which is very effective for skin diseases and hair loss. If your body is low in iron, you can get iron from your body and ensure your health by eating golden raisins from our collection. If a person has bad breath, they can use raisins in the early morning and prevent bad breath.

Golden raisins Distribution centers in 2020

Different types of golden raisins

Different types of golden raisins

From different types of golden raisins, we can use Malayer raisins,golden raisins health benefits، which are soaked in acid after being picked and hung in a place by hanging from the ceiling or rope. Then, by creating sulfur smoke, they complete the production process of golden raisins. Sulfur smoke causes the green grapes to turn yellow and makes the raisins look beautiful. The produced raisins are sent to raisin factories in Malayer for packaging and washing, where they are threshed and washed, then sorted or sized, and finally packed and exported.

Due to this variety of drying methods, you can find raisins in three general types in the market:

  • Grape raisins
  •  Sunny raisins
  • Acid green raisins

These raisins differ in color, appearance and taste, and the choice of each is quite a matter of taste.Production process of golden grape raisins in Iran First of all, it should be mentioned that this product is also called golden raisins, grape raisins, yellow raisins and California raisins. These raisins are the grapes of acidic or sunny seedless raisins. But because the drying process of this product is different, it is called golden.

In Bonab, Maragheh and Malekan, golden raisins are usually hung from the court and sulfur is burned under it until it turns completely yellow. In Kurdistan, the traditional method of gardeners to prepare raisins is as follows: wood ash is boiled with water and after cooling, it is placed in a container to settle, and the material obtained is called Khushab.

Distributing golden raisins in bulk amount

Distributing golden raisins in bulk amount

It may come as a bit of a surprise, but the consumption of raisins dates back to the years before Christ, when competitors were always trying to outdo each other. This issue is not irrelevant in the export of raisins, in line with the golden raisin production line,golden raisins nutrition، producers are trying to increase the quality of their export raisins in order to attract more of their opinions.

Beautiful golden raisins are exported to neighboring countries, which are most welcomed by Arab countries such as Iraq and Qatar. Ordering golden raisins or grapes, which are one of the first and highest grade raisins, is done directly through reputable sites at a reasonable price. Iran’s exports to other countries are as follows: Turkey and Greece are the biggest competitors against Iran:

  •     Germany
  •     Saudi Arabia
  •     United Arab Emirates
  •     Australia

Also, the factors that affect the dried fruit trade are as follows:

  •     Price stability
  •     Pricing
  •     exchange rate
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