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Organic raisins bulk supplier in 2020

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How to identify organic raisins?Organic raisins bulk supplying for markets

All types of raisins have their own advantages and characteristics, organic raisins bulk are very popular among domestic and foreign customers. Reducing blood pressure, helping to treat anemia, protecting bones, preventing cancer, providing the vitamins needed, improving vascular function and tackling stomach problems are just a few of the countless benefits of raisins.

Organic raisins bulk supplier in 2020

How to identify organic raisins?

How to identify organic raisins? Raisins are mainly prepared by two general traditional and industrial methods. In the traditional method, grape seeds are placed in large trays and exposed to direct sunlight. However, it is better to know that preparing raisins in the traditional way is not an easy task and proper ventilation of the air plays a very important role in that process.

The industrial form involves immersing grapes in sharp water or using sulfur vapor and other ingredients to make raisins for export. Due to the caramelization of the sugar in the grapes, raisins obtained in the traditional way are usually darker in color than the original grapes. However, if the industrial method is used to prepare raisins, due to the use of sulfur gas, the color of raisins will be golden and more colorful. Export raisins effectively in treating cancer! Transformation of grapes into raisins increases the concentration of phenolic compounds in this fruit and increases its cancer prevention and treatment properties.

These phenolic compounds include Punic acid, garlic, photogenic, caftan acid, catechize and epicatechins. Also, contrary to what may seem at first glance, organic raisins benefits more nutrients than traditional raisins. Sulfur antioxidants protect the beneficial compounds of grapes and do not allow the drying process to affect these properties. Raisins are exported in three ways: ordinary packaging, bulk supply and sale in export packaging.

Organic raisins bulk supplying for markets

Organic raisins bulk supplying for markets best organic raisins Good and quality, without any unnatural aroma or taste and also free of pests and sand. High quality export raisins have a moisture content of less than 18% by weight and the amount of sulfur dioxide and sulfur fumes is less than two thousandths of a weight. The quality of raisins also depends on the quality of the grapes.

In fact, the best export raisins come from grapes that have reached 80% and whose color should look as uniform as possible. Another important factor in the quality of raisins for export is the lower number of raisins with tail, unripe, small, crushed and sugared, compared to the number of healthy raisins in a certain amount, which is directly related to the process of cleaning raisins.

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