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Best green raisins to export in 2020

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Are there green raisins?Exporting the best green raisins in 2020

Iran ranks third after Turkey and the United States in the export of raisins such as (exports of raisins, sun raisins, acid raisins, exports of Malay Er raisins and vineyards). Raisins are one of the dried fruits obtained from grapes. This dried fruit is rich in iron, calcium, potassium, antioxidants and vitamins. ‌ The best green raisins are available in different types and are available in different forms in the market. In some parts of Iran, the quality of this lovely dried fruit is so high that it is exported to modern countries.

Best green raisins to export in 2020

Are there green raisins?

Are there green raisins? Dried grapes are called raisins, which are prepared in different types, shapes and colors. Different types of raisins include sun-dried raisins, dry shade, acid and grapes. When green grape seeds are dried in the shade, green raisins are produced. Green raisins are warm in nature and are generally useful for strengthening the heart, liver, memory and reproductive system. Some of the most important properties of green raisins are:

1. Treatment of Weakness and Fatigue The consumption of green raisins on a regular and daily basis removes laziness and lethargy from the body, reduces stress and due to its high amount of green raisin nutrition, will help provide the body with the energy it needs.

۲. Weight loss Green raisins, due to their fructose sugar, have the property of rapid energy consumption, its consumption also causes a feeling of satiety and prevents false appetite, and therefore is useful for weight loss.

3. Prevention of osteoporosis Green raisins calories are a variety of minerals, especially calcium, boron and phosphorus, and play an important role in bone health and prevention of osteoporosis, and its consumption is very useful for premenopausal women. green raisins nutrition high amounts of vitamin D, which helps to better absorb calcium.

Exporting the best green raisins in 2020

Exporting the best green raisins in 2020 Turkey is known as the homeland of grapes. The history of grape planting in Turkey dates back to the eighth century AD. The country currently produces about 4 million tons of grapes in an area of ​​550,000 hectares. About 37% of the grapes harvested in Turkey are dried and then turned into raisins. A higher percentage of it is used to produce fruit juices and other processed products.

The Aegean region in Turkey offers the best conditions for growing grapes. Raisin processing factories produce raisins from direct grapes using direct sunlight or using industrial dryers and then packaging they do. Raisins are exported from Turkey to more than 100 countries, including the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, Italy, France and Australia.

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