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Sunny raisins Market size in 2020

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Nutritional Values of sunny raisinsGlobal demand for sunny raisins in 2020

Our site is a supplier of sunny raisins. Variety in the type and color of grapes available will also cause a variety of raisins produced from it. One of the fruits that has a variety of colors and sizes is grapes. Grapes harvested from vineyards turn into raisins in various processes. The nutritional value of raisins is much higher than grapes.

Sunny raisins Market size in 2020

Nutritional Values of sunny raisins

Nutritional Values of sunny raisins raisins have many different properties:

  • Improves heart and liver function.
  • Contains B vitamins and reduces stress.
  • A great snack for students.
  • Boosts memory.
  • It has strong antioxidant properties.
  • Prevents osteoporosis.
  • It is rich in vitamin D.

First of all, you should know that sunflower raisins are made from ripe grape fruits, so that these grapes are placed in direct sunlight to dry.

Sunflower raisins are usually red or dark in color, which has a high price of sunny raisins and tastes good, and dried shade raisins are dried with the same original color, which is also called pilaf raisins.

Many people may think that fresh grapes have more properties than fresh raisins. While this thinking is completely wrong. The properties of raisins do not disappear due to drying, on the contrary, they become more complete and stronger than fresh and green grapes and you can buy sunny raisins in bulk. 

Global demand for sunny raisins in 2020

Global demand for sunny raisins in 2020 Although raisins are produced in large quantities in Iran, it can still be seen that raisins are imported from different countries. Raisins are exported to different countries by various companies; But in the meantime, some companies also import it.

It has been seen that in some cases raisins are imported to the domestic market from Uzbekistan, Turkey and Afghanistan. Most raisins are raisins that are imported from these countries and sold in the domestic market.

Some green raisins are also included; Although there is a similar product in our country.

Importing companies import raisins considering the market. This issue can be followed from different stores. Imported raisins are mostly imported in bulk and sold in nuts and wholesale stores.

The price of sun maid raisins is different in each region and city and it is not possible to set a fixed price. 

If you want to know the wholesale price of sunny raisins, the best thing to do is to refer to the centers and wholesalers, and the best season to order raisins is summer, because grapes are harvested in this season, and you can order the raisins you want at a lower price. Another well where raisins can be bought in large quantities and wholesale prices is raisin factories.

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